Tip #1


Did you know that brown rice is one of  the most easily digestible grains? Sweet Brown Rice flour is one of Angella’s Sweet Spot primary ingredient.

  1. Linda Leonard Reply

    So good to know these helpful hints! I already know how delicious everything you make is so I couldn’t be happier to see your new website!
    I will definitely be ordering for the holidays!!

  2. Judith Smith Reply

    I wish you shipped but I will be in La next month and will order

    • Angella Cole Reply

      Hey Judy
      No problem hit me up when your in LA. Just give me notice in advance when your coming. Please donot wait until the last minute. Ive have friends come to visit from Chicago and contact me at the last miniute and I wasnt able to meet with
      the due to my schedule. If you want to meet up and your want some desserts just dont wait until the last minute to contact me . Look froward to seeing you 🙂

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