Tip #4



Even Healthy Foods can inflate you tummy.  Get rid of these foods (temporarily) if you want to flatten out  your tummy and get into that special dress or skinny jeans.

1. Veggies the  kind of fiber in broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts and cauliflower have a tendency to stick around your belly for a while especially eaten RAW.

2. Legumes/Beans Oligosaccharides is a type of carb in beans that can be digested only by bacteria in the large intestine , a process that generate  gas. Beans produces gas which in turn creates bloating.

3. Sparkling Water Yes, H2O is your best drink when trying  to slim down but NOT sparkling water. Air bubbles can swell your middle/tummy  more than you might think.

4. Sugar Substitutes sugar alcohol sweetners such as xylitol,maltitol and sorbitol can bloat you. Their often found in products labeled DIET or LIGHT .

5. Frozen Foods and Canned Soups are NO NO and high in sodium.  Many of these products can pack half of your recomended daily allowance of sodium into a single serving.  Overdoing it on salt can cause you to retain water.




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