Angella Cole is a Gluten Free Pastry Chef, Fitness Trainer and Nutritional Consultant.

She has been employed at a major weight loss center as a Program Director specializing in helping both men and women lose weight and keep it off through exercise, proper diet and portion control, with the assistance of Organic, and Gluten free diets. She has also worked as a Private Chef for a number of A list Hollywood Celebrities.

Angella developed this passion to help a friend whose son is battling a rare kidney disorder called Nephrotic Syndrome. This disease causes the filtering mechanism of the kidney’s to shut down. Angella created a plan to mitigate the side effects of the medication by eliminating the wheat, gluten, and simple sugars from his diet.

Angella began to develop a system of food that would help people not only feel better, but be healthier.

Angella’s goal was to provide products that did not compromise taste, texture, and variety. Bolstered with this knowledge, Angella desires to share this “magical” result with people nationwide. She has a real passion to make people feel and live better lives through her discoveries.

Angella has been successful in developing a line of products that are unlike any other gluten free products on the market. She has been able to produce a line of products that are delicious and innovative to the other gluten free products on the market, while providing a more healthful alternative to traditional sweet treats.

She uses top quality ingredients which contribute to a rich and moist texture. The base for all of the “bakery happiness” is that she uses a blend of Sweet Brown Rice Flour, Brown Sugar, and Organic Evaporated Cane Juice. These products can maintain a solid 7-day fresh shelf life, and 21- days in the grocer’s freezer.

Angella insists upon a 100% gluten free kitchen. This diet is not NOT limited to people with Celiac Disease or people with gluten intolerance. Everyone can enjoy the flavors and textures of a gluten free product, especially those with an eye on a more healthful diet.